Today's Ketch Seafood & Restaurant

Fresh Seafood

Not only do we offer a variety of boiled seafood, but we also offer a wide variety of fresh seafood. The majority of our fresh seafood comes from within miles of our location.

  • Head on Shrimp
  • Live Crawfish
  • Live Crabs
  • Softshell Crabs
  • Catfish Filets
  • Redfish Filets
  • Oysters shucked and unshucked
  • White Crab meat
  • Claw Crab meat
  • Claw Fingers
  • Louisiana Crawfish Tails (when in season)

Some items we carry that are fresh, are also available frozen. This allows for our customers to take them home when traveling or to just use at a later date. 

Softshell Crabs
        Salmon Filets (only frozen)
        Tuna Steaks (only frozen)
        White Crab meat
        Claw crab meat
        Claw Fingers
        Louisiana Crawfish Tails
        Alligator Meat (only frozen)
        Peeled Shrimp 50/60 ct (only frozen, 5#)
        Peeled Shrimp 90/110 ct (only frozen, 5#)

For prices on any of these items, please give us a call.

Also, any of these items can be shipped through FedEx if you are located out of town.

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